The wonderful white mushroom takes centre stage in supermarkets up and down the land. Its snow-white colour is caused by being grown in the dark. The white mushrooms come in four sizes – button, closed cup, open cup and large. Interestingly, the size of the cup continues to grow even after the mushroom is picked.


The brown mushroom is seriously flavoursome whether raw or lightly cooked, offering a deep, complex and rich flavour. Similarly, to white mushrooms, it comes in various sizes; closed cup or ‘Chestnut’ and the slightly larger ‘mini Portobello’. If a bold mushroom flavour is what you’re after, the brown mushroom is for you.


The portobello mushroom is a chestnut mushroom that has been allowed to grow to full maturity. What you’re left with is a dense, meaty texture and an intensely deep mushroom flavour. The portobello’s large flat base allows it to be used in a variety of ways, such as stuffed, baked, grilled or even barbecued.


One of the most commonly grown mushrooms, the button mushroom is a white mushroom in its youngest form. Button mushrooms are some of the most common found in UK Supermarkets.


Not unlike the Portobello mushroom, Flat mushrooms can be stuffed, grilled, baked and barbecued. Flat mushrooms are also very popular in the UK supermarkets up and down the country.